Mosaic is a very young church plant in Greeley. At Mosaic you'll find a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly group of people who are at various levels of understanding that life doesn’t revolve around us. Our music is upbeat, our message is practical, our nursery and children’s ministries are outstanding and we’re saving you a seat.

Regardless of where you are in your journey with God, there is a place for you here, welcome home.

What makes Mosaic Church so special?

We are "a church for people who don't really like church."

More specifically:

First, we don't speak in Thee's and Thou's. We understand that life is crazy and people today need a practical faith. We're all about helping people make life work...their families, their finances, their health, their relationships, their jobs, and their futures. We've discovered that Jesus is the missing piece that pulls everything together. You could say that we're more concerned about what the Bible says about life Monday through Saturday than one hour on Sunday morning.

Second, our weekend services are energetic, informal, engaging and fun. Our teaching is Bible-based and practical. The result? People from every spiritual background feel at home here. Both seasoned believers and people just "checking God out" are drawn to God and one another.

Third, people are accepted around here just the way they are, warts and all. You won't find too many "holier than thou" attitudes...just people loving God and loving people, one person at a time. We try to take God seriously, but not ourselves.

Lastly, we understand one reason we exist is to serve the world. All around us are opportunities to share the love of Jesus Christ through serving and we try to take advantage of these whenever possible.

Oh, and we can't forget the amazing staff that God has assembled at Mosaic.  Please take a minute to meet the Mosaic team by clicking on the Our Staff button.




mosaic church - greeley, colorado. "a church for people who don't really like going to church"